Kaitlins 30th

Yesterday was Kaitlin’s 30th birthday! We celebrated with some Italian food from Contos and ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Every birthday is special but turning 30 is a pretty big deal. I asked her what she wanted and she sent me links to a pair of shoes, a few sweaters and a steam mop. All ideas that are not 30th birthday present type things. Also… A STEAM MOP. I should be a good husband and just get that. We landed on a spa day/weekend with her mom. They found a fun hotel in Kirkland and spent last Sunday/Monday relaxing and shopping.

It was Kaitlin’s first official night away from Birdie since she was born, I admit I was a little overwhelmed but I was looking forward to spending some one on one time with Birdie. On Monday we went shopping for a present she could give to Kaitlin. Initially we were looking at Goodwill and Value Village but came up empty handed. I did find a rad vintage frame with a collage matte, so I of course bought it - I have way too many empty frames.

We ended up going to the Co op in Everett and found some earrings that Kaitlin likes and got her those. The last stop was the dollar store for birthday candles, streamers and balloons. The first set of balloons flew out of the car when I was putting Birdie in her car seat, so we went back in and bought 2 more. It was funny because Birdie was saying “papa up up sky” - she knew it was my fault haha.

We went home and decorated, Birdie napped, and when she woke up I took some photos for us to put in Kaitlin’s card. We waited patiently for Kaitlin to get home, we missed her so much. I would say in all it was a fun birthday.